Warning: Website "www․alpinelawsolicitor․com"

The website "www․alpinelawsolicitor․com" is operating, which falsely claims to be for a law firm based in Kent.

What is the scam?

The SRA has been informed that a website "" is operating, which falsely claims to be for a law firm called “Alpine Law Solicitors”. This website is not a website for a genuine firm of solicitors. 

The website misuses the name, SRA authorisation number and address of a genuine firm of solicitors (see below) and provides further postal addresses in Ireland and Canada. 

It also provides a telephone number of “+44 168 966 9655” and an email address of “”.

The website also lists several partners and other supposed staff members. Many of these copy and misuse the names of genuine solicitors, with the descriptions of people used on the website appearing to have been mostly copied from descriptions of other unrelated solicitors (with different names), from other genuine websites. 

Any business or transactions through the website, email address or telephone number referred to above are not undertaken by a solicitor's firm authorised and regulated by the SRA.

Is there a genuine firm or person?

The SRA does authorise and regulate a genuine firm by the name of Alpine Law Limited (which trades as Alpine Law Solicitors), whose SRA authorisation number is 636077. 

The genuine firm’s registered address is 23 Paddock Close, Farnborough, Orpington BR6 7TL.

The genuine Alpine Law Limited have confirmed to the SRA that their genuine website is, that their genuine telephone number is 03330 142 568, and they have no connection with the website referred to in the above alert. 

As noted in the above alert, the website warned about above uses the names of various genuine solicitors, who are either partners at or employed at various other genuine firms. None of the genuine solicitors with the same name as people mentioned in the website are believed to be connected to it.

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