Benner, Peter Charles—085709


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Decision - control of practice

Outcome: Condition

Outcome date: 20 February 2012

Published date: 3 July 2012

Firm details

Firm or organisation at date of publication and at time of matters giving rise to outcome

Name: Houseman Benner

Commercial House, Perrymount Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 3DT

Firm ID: 62701

Outcome details

This outcome was reached by SRA decision.

Decision details

To grant Mr Peter Benner a practising certificate for the practice year 2011/2012 subject to the condition that he may not make any application under the Solicitors' Training Regulations 2011 for authorisation as a training establishment, or appointment as a training principal, nor may be otherwise be involved in training, supervision or support of any trainee solicitor. 


Having regard to Regulation 3.1(a) and (d) of the SRA Practising Regulations 2011, it was considered that the conditions are necessary, reasonable and proportionate. 

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