Recently published decisions

Listed below are our 50 most-recently published regulatory decisions. Many of the decisions we make about the individuals and firms we regulate are published. We aim to ensure decisions we publish are accurate and up to date. However, this website does not offer a complete picture of an individual's or firm's regulatory record. For the most complete, up-to-date information we can offer about an individual's or firm's regulatory record, please .

Several factors determine whether we publish a decision—including when the decision was made, the type of decision it is and, in some cases, whether it is in the public interest to publish it. Our decisions can be challenged by appeals or judicial review. Normally, we publish a decision only after the expiry of an appeal period. Please read our guidance on publishing regulatory and disciplinary decisions.

We began publishing some of our decisions in January 2008, and have since developed our policy and our website. We continue to develop our website to improve the way in which you can search for decisions. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed which displays the 20 most-recently published decisions.

Please read our Publication policy—see Viewing decisions and Types of decision we may publish.

NameDecisionDate of publication
  John OwensCondition27 April 2017
  Adrian WattsCondition27 April 2017
  Anupam SoodCondition27 April 2017
  Christopher GreenmanCondition27 April 2017
  Jeremy Clive CopestakeCondition27 April 2017
  Mohammed ImranCondition27 April 2017
  Lateef Abolade KareemCondition27 April 2017
  Aamer MasoodCondition25 April 2017
  Oghogho Emmanuel Osemwingie AyanruCondition25 April 2017
  Granville HodgeCondition25 April 2017
  Robert Nigel WiggansIntervention24 April 2017
  Talib HussainCondition24 April 2017
  Syed Tauseef RizviCondition24 April 2017
  Richard Marcus WhitakerIntervention24 April 2017
  Nigel George WalsheReferral to Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal20 April 2017
  Karen Frances MackieCondition20 April 2017
  Krishan KumarCondition19 April 2017
  John Richard KillingtonIntervention19 April 2017
  Andrew Geoffrey SmithsonTermination of suspension of PC/registration18 April 2017
  Paul Michael IrelandRegulatory settlement agreement12 April 2017
  Dilshad RajaniCondition12 April 2017
  Lee HullRegulatory settlement agreement12 April 2017
  Vay Sui IpCondition11 April 2017
  Zain Ul-Aqtab SiddiqiCondition10 April 2017
  Rajpal Singh AhluwaliaReferral to Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal10 April 2017
  Andrew LindsayCondition10 April 2017
  Joseph EloketApproval of employment (section 41)10 April 2017
  Elvin David BladesCondition6 April 2017
  Mehran ChowderyControl of non-qualified staff (section 43 order)5 April 2017
  Simon Peter GamblinSolicitors Disciplinary Tribunal order3 April 2017
  Nicholas Conrad PurnellSolicitors Disciplinary Tribunal order3 April 2017
  Christopher William DuffySolicitors Disciplinary Tribunal order3 April 2017
  Clyde & CoSolicitors Disciplinary Tribunal order3 April 2017
  Leon HinesCondition30 March 2017
  Nadeem Akhtar KhanPC/registration free of conditions30 March 2017
  Peter AtkinsonCondition30 March 2017
  John HamiltonCondition30 March 2017
  Kamran AkramIntervention30 March 2017
  Asons Solicitors LimitedIntervention30 March 2017
  Susan Carol MarzianoIntervention30 March 2017
  Kam Cheung MakIntervention30 March 2017
  Marco DellapinaCondition29 March 2017
  Juliet Mary Susan BellisCondition29 March 2017
  Roger John David HawCondition29 March 2017
  Ayodele Olusean ModupeCondition29 March 2017
  Yasmeen Raja-KhanCondition29 March 2017
  Mary Margaret ToussaintRebuke28 March 2017
  John Kayode Olufemi AinaCondition28 March 2017
  Adeorike Nicki AdesemowoCondition27 March 2017
  Vinay Amar Nath VeneikApproval of employment (section 41)27 March 2017