Recently published decisions

Listed below are our 50 most-recently published regulatory decisions. Many of the decisions we make about the individuals and firms we regulate are published. We aim to ensure decisions we publish are accurate and up to date. However, this website does not offer a complete picture of an individual's or firm's regulatory record. For the most complete, up-to-date information we can offer about an individual's or firm's regulatory record, please .

Several factors determine whether we publish a decision—including when the decision was made, the type of decision it is and, in some cases, whether it is in the public interest to publish it. Our decisions can be challenged by appeals or judicial review. Normally, we publish a decision only after the expiry of an appeal period. Please read our publication policy.

We began publishing some of our decisions in January 2008, and have since developed our policy and our website. We continue to develop our website to improve the way in which you can search for decisions. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed which displays the 20 most-recently published decisions.

Please read our Publication policy—see Viewing decisions and Types of decision we may publish.

NameDecisionDate of publication
Elise DaleyControl of non-qualified staff (section 43 order)30 November 2015
Maneer GhaniRebuke30 November 2015
Mohammed MoghalPC/registration free of conditions30 November 2015
Christopher GreenmanCondition30 November 2015
Meer Belal Hossain SharifPC/registration free of conditions30 November 2015
Andrew Roger TiddCondition30 November 2015
Kevin BaysCondition30 November 2015
Denis Charles WynnCondition30 November 2015
Jeffrey JonesCondition30 November 2015
Robert BrandCondition30 November 2015
Andrew Louis Howard NeedlemanCondition30 November 2015
Mohammed Zahir UddinIntervention26 November 2015
Your Right Solicitors LimitedIntervention26 November 2015
Christopher James AndersonIntervention25 November 2015
Stuart Anthony KaufmanIntervention24 November 2015
Kaufman Legal LimitedIntervention24 November 2015
Kashif SultanIntervention19 November 2015
David Harry SaltRegulatory settlement agreement19 November 2015
Clive GotleyPC/registration free of conditions19 November 2015
Carl Elliott WoolfPC/registration free of conditions18 November 2015
Malcolm Richard JonesPC/registration free of conditions18 November 2015
Julian HartRebuke17 November 2015
Vikesh BharakhdaRebuke17 November 2015
David Foster-PeggControl of non-qualified staff (section 43 order)16 November 2015
Joni Kristina ParringtonApproval of employment (section 43)12 November 2015
Andrew Philip ThomasIntervention12 November 2015
Sabir HussainReferral to Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal12 November 2015
Reginald Walter HemmingsSolicitors Disciplinary Tribunal order12 November 2015
Anengiyefa Bioekeopre AlagoaPC/registration free of conditions12 November 2015
Jayne OkachaSolicitors Disciplinary Tribunal order11 November 2015
Yunus Agboola AlatiseSolicitors Disciplinary Tribunal order11 November 2015
Jeremy Humphrey Ashton RobertsSolicitors Disciplinary Tribunal order11 November 2015
Lisa ShahApproval of employment (section 43)11 November 2015
Timothy BrantonCondition10 November 2015
Mark Pearson FordIntervention10 November 2015
Richard LilleyIntervention6 November 2015
Richard ThompsonIntervention6 November 2015
Susan Anita Barrington-BinnsCondition5 November 2015
Alan BlackerReferral to Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal5 November 2015
Danielle ClutterbuckApproval of employment (section 43)3 November 2015
Igonibo Robert Awoloye-KioCondition3 November 2015
Roger John David HawCondition3 November 2015
William Derek SnowdonIntervention3 November 2015
Ejaz AhmadIntervention2 November 2015
Christopher HampdenCondition30 October 2015
Richard Lawrence CamidgeCondition29 October 2015
Stephen John FullerPC/registration free of conditions29 October 2015
William MitchellCondition29 October 2015
Valentine RwegasiraPC/registration free of conditions29 October 2015
Nina MurphyControl of non-qualified staff (section 43 order)29 October 2015