I am not happy about the fees that I have been charged. What can I do?

Before you query your fees, ask your solicitor how the fees were calculated. If you still feel you have been charged incorrectly or misled about the costs, the first thing you must do is complain directly to the solicitor or firm of solicitors. The solicitor or firm should have given you details of their complaints procedure when you started using them, and you can request information about their complaints procedure at any time.

How to complain to your solicitor

If you do not get a satisfactory answer from the solicitor or firm, take your complaint to the Legal Ombudsman (LeO), an independent organisation dealing with complaints about poor service from lawyers and legal services. If LeO agrees that you have been overcharged, it may make the solicitor or firm refund or reduce your legal fees. If you have lost out due to other aspects of poor service, LeO may award compensation.

You can also ask a court to examine your bill; you may incur further costs, and you should get independent legal advice beforehand. For more advice on legal fees, read our information about costs.

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