FAQs - qualified lawyer transfer scheme (QLTS)

I have a current Certificate of Eligibility. Do the previous assessment restrictions still apply to me?

The SRA stopped issuing Certificates of Eligibility on 8 February 2015. If you were granted a Certificate of Eligibility before this date there will no longer be any restrictions on the number of permitted assessment attempts or the time period within which the different elements of the assessment must be passed*.

If you have passed the MCT but have failed the QLTS assessment as a whole your MCT will be banked and you will be allowed to recommence the QLTS assessment by taking the OSCE. You will not be required to re-take the MCT.

* If you are a transitional candidate and have passed the MCT and either the old OSCE or the old TLST but not both you will be allowed to exhaust your entitlement to three attempts during the five year validity period of your certificate of eligibility by sitting OSCE Part 1 or OSCE Part 2 alone, but if you are still unsuccessful thereafter you will have to sit the OSCE as a whole. You will not be required to re-take the MCT.  

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