A question of trust

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What we are trying to do

Explore solicitors’ professional values and standards and what they mean in practice

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Who needs to know

Everyone involved in legal services, including those who access or use them

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What's going on

‘A question of trust’ focuses on solicitors’ professional values and standards, and what that means in practice. This wide-reaching campaign will help us map common ground between the legal profession and the public, identifying issues that are viewed as minor and those that, by contrast, are seen as serious.

Feedback from campaign activities—open events with the public and profession, surveys and a formal consultation—will be built into the development of an SRA reference framework. Our campaign ran until the end of January 2016. We will feed back our findings in early summer.

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Get involved

Our professional standards survey and consultation are now closed.

Thank you to everyone who took part. We value your views and these will help us to understand what professional standards mean in practice.

We will be feeding back on the consultation and survey in early summer.


Attended one of our 'A question of trust' events? Interested in running a session with staff? Download our firm-friendly questions (ZIP, 270K) so that you can explore the issues in house. These slides offer you an opportunity to start the debate on what professional standards mean in your practice.