Anti money laundering

What we are trying to do

We want to ensure the legal services market does not assist in the laundering of the proceeds of crime

Who needs to know

Everyone working in a firm we authorise and regulate

What's going on

Data collection exercise

New Government regulations mean all firms must submit information on the services they provide and certain role-holders within their organisation to us.

View the online form for submitting this information.

Organised crime has long targeted solicitors firms in a bid to launder their money. Solicitors often handle large sums of client money, and the reputation of the profession gives a legitimacy to any transaction carried out by a solicitor firm.

As Donald Toon, Director of Prosperity (Economic Crime and Cybercrime) at the National Crime Agency, said, solicitors are at the forefront of the war against money laundering.

We continue to work closely with the profession to make sure we know who is working in solicitor firms and handling money, that each firm has systems in place to detect suspicious activity, that staff have sufficient training to use these systems, and that reports of suspicions are made to the National Crime Agency.

We also support other agencies, such as the Home Office, to raise awareness of the importance of guarding against money laundering.

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