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Update your profile on mySRA: check your information today

It is essential that you ensure your mySRA account stays up-to-date. Log into your account today to check the information we have about you is correct.

We have a host of useful user guides to help with any problems:

Go to the user guides

To use mySRA, you need to have activated your account. If you have not done so, you need to request an activation key from us. To do this:

  • go to mySRA
  • select Log in
  • select Activation letter lost and
  • enter your SRA/roll number in the ID box

We will then send you an activation letter (to your primary address) within five working days, and your activation key will remain valid for 28 days. Please follow the instructions in the letter to activate your account.

When you activate it, you will need to create a "username" and "password". On return visits, you will need these to log in to mySRA.

If you forget either of these, you need to take the following actions:

Forgotten username:

  • go to mySRA
  • Select Log in
  • Select Forgotten username? from the left hand menu
  • Enter the email address that is connected to your mySRA account
  • Your username will then be emailed to you

Forgotten password:

  • Go to mySRA
  • Select Log in
  • Select Forgotten password? from the menu on the left
  • Enter your username
  • You will be sent an email with instructions of how to change your password
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