Getting involved in other people's business

Let’s get interactive. Please google legal advice for small businesses. We’ll wait here. Done it? Thanks for coming back. 

It’s pretty surprising. Only a handful of results for law firms on the first page and on the day of writing, just one SRA-regulated law firm. 

So in conclusion, small businesses don’t need legal services and certainly not from a solicitor because everything always runs smoothly without the need for clarity or dispute. The end. 

But anyone who has ever run a business knows that’s just not the case… 

This month, we want to focus on unmet legal need. Specifically, the legal needs of the many thriving small businesses across England and Wales. 

Did you know that less than one in three small businesses with a legal problem seek any formal legal advice? Research from 2013 found that although more than a million small businesses per year have a legal problem, only a minority seek advice from a solicitor—just 12 percent. 

Legal Choices is a website operated by us and the other approved regulators to help improve consumer understanding of legal services. We recently added a brand new section to help small business consumers find the advice they need. 

Your Small Business provides factsheets on different types of legal issues, a guide to questions to ask your legal provider, and some frequently asked questions on legal advice. The idea is to help small businesses navigate the world of legal issues, and provide information about the different options for formal advice. This is where you come in. 

Can you offer small businesses cost effective solutions to legal problems? If so, there might be the potential of a whole new client base. Get involved. Don’t just mind your own business.

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