Bogus law firms

Why this risk matters

  • Bogus law firms are created by criminals to steal money or information.
  • Some bogus law firms directly target people under the guise of being a genuine law firm or solicitor. Other bogus law firms target genuine law firms with a view to deceiving them into sending money or information.
  • Consumers may be affected by loss of money or confidential information, and may also suffer by receiving poor advice and representation.
  • Victims of bogus law firms are not covered by the normal regulatory protections that apply when dealing with an SRA regulated firm
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  • We have published guidance and warning notices to raise awareness.
  • Our paper In the shadows: Risks associated with bogus firms discusses this risk in more detail.
  • We share information with other regulators and anti-crime agencies to help build a better picture of bogus activity.
  • We have regulatory powers to take action against individuals who pretend to be solicitors or claim to be regulated by us.

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