Our priority risks

What is the Risk Outlook?

The Risk Outlook provides an overview of risks to:

  • the protection of people who use legal services
  • the operation of the rule of law
  • the proper administration of justice.

The purpose of the Risk Outlook is to:

  • set out our position on risk in the legal services market
  • show the priorities to which we will allocate our resources
  • explain how we will control these risks and act in the public interest
  • help solicitors and firms manage risk.

How to use the priority risks

Our priority risks are a guide for legal services providers who want to understand where we are focusing our attention, what matters to us and why.

For each risk, we explain:

  • why it matters
  • trends
  • actions that we are taking, and actions that providers can take to help manage the risk.

Just click on the risk you are interested in. The risks that matter to us will be much the same as the risks that concern solicitors and law firms – for example, providing a proper standard of service, increasing access to legal services and protecting client money.

We also publish topic papers to give more information about the trends we are seeing in the legal services market. For example, our report Exiting the EU: an update for lawyers discusses some of the potential consequences the UK leaving the EU could have on lawyers and law firms. It also highlights the importance of reforming regulation to enable innovation and increase competition at a time of uncertainty. Modern and proportionate regulation is good for the public and businesses and essential for the vibrant and competitive domestic and international legal market of the future.

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