Case studies for COLPs and COFAs

We have selected case studies likely to be of specific interest to compliance officers.

We will add to the list of case studies below periodically.

Vetting law firm employees

January 2014

Three case studies demonstrate how failure to manage the key risks can lead to a negative impact on the regulatory objectives. Names and other details have been changed to protect identities, but the overall narratives of the case studies reflect real events.

Duty of confidentiality

September 2013

Outcome 4.1 of the Code of Conduct states that you must "keep the affairs of clients confidential unless disclosure is required or permitted by law or the client consents". This means that confidential information should not be disclosed to third parties, but equally means that it should be protected through appropriate processes, access and system security. This case study provides recent examples of reports made to the SRA.

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Recovering costs can be a costly business

July 2013

Recent dealings with a firm show the importance of having systems in place for proper management of costs recovery and the impact of inadequate financial planning. This case study provides detail on some of the pitfalls to be avoided and lessons to be learnt.

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When is a breach 'material' or 'non-material'?

May 2013

A common dilemma facing COLPs and COFAS is whether or not a breach is material and therefore needs to be reported to the SRA.

These case studies are examples of reports we have recently received. We outline the factors that COLPs and COFAs should take into consideration in reaching a decision on whether the breach is material or non-material.

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