SRA Handbook

Certificates of authorisation

Version 21 of the Handbook was published on 6 December 2018. For more information, please click "History" above.

Rule 35: Certificates of authorisation


When an applicant is granted an authorisation, the SRA must issue a certificate of authorisation.


Each certificate of authorisation must state, in respect of the authorised body:


whether it is a licence or a certificate of recognition;


the name and number under which the body is authorised;


its registered office, if it is an LLP or company;


its main practising address in England and Wales;


if it is recognised body or a licensed body, whether it is a partnership, an LLP or a company; and


if it is a company, whether it is:


a company limited by shares;


a company limited by guarantee;


an unlimited company;


an overseas company registered in England and Wales;


an overseas company registered in Scotland;


an overseas company registered in Northern Ireland; or


a societas Europaea;


the date from which authorisation is granted; and


the terms and conditions to which the body's authorisation is subject.

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