List of recognised jurisdictions and qualified lawyers

If your jurisdiction does not appear on this list, you are not currently eligible to apply.

You must contact your home bar or law society to ask them to apply to us for recognition.

As completed surveys are returned and jurisdictions meet our published criteria, we will regularly update the list of recognised jurisdictions

Recognised Jurisdiction Qualified Lawyer
Albania Avokat
Algeria Avocat
Antigua and Barbuda Attorney at Law
Argentina Abogado/a
Armenia Advocate
Australia Lawyer
Austria Rechtsanwalt
Bangladesh Advocate
Belarus Advakat
Belgium Avocat/Advocaat/ Rechtsanwalt
Bermuda Barrister/Advocate
Bolivia Abogado
Republic of Botswana Legal Practitioner
Brazil Advogado
Bulgaria Адвокат (Advocat)
Burundi Advocate
Cameroon Republic Advocate/Solicitor
Alberta (Canada) Barrister/Solicitor
British Columbia (Canada) Barrister/Solicitor
Manitoba (Canada) Barrister/Solicitor
New Brunswick (Canada) Barrister/Solicitor
Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada) Barrister/Solicitor
Northwest Territories (Canada) Barrister/Solicitor
Nova Scotia (Canada) Lawyer
Nunavut (Canada) Barrister/Solicitor
Prince Edward Island (Canada) Barrister/Solicitor/Attorney
Province of Ontario (Canada) Barrister/Solicitor
Quebec (Canada) Advocate/Attorney
Saskatchewan (Canada) Lawyer
Yukon (Canada) Barrister/Solicitor
Chile Lawyer/Abogado
People's Republic of China Lawyer
Colombia Abogado
Croatia Odvjetnik/Odvjetnica
Cyprus Δικηγόρος (Dikegoros)
Czech Republic Advokát
Denmark Advokat
Dominican Republic Lawyer
Ecuador Abogado
Egypt Lawyer
England and Wales Barrister
Estonia Vandeaddvokaat
Finland Asianajaja Advokat/Luvan saanut oikeudenkayntiavustaja/Rattegangsbitrade med tillstand
Fiji Barrister/Solicitor
France Avocat/Avocat aux Conseils/Notaire
Georgia Advocate
Germany Rechtsanwalt
Ghana Lawyer
Gibraltar Solicitor/Barrister
Greece Δικηγόρος (Dikegoros)
Grenada Attorney-at-Law
Hong Kong Solicitor
Hong Kong Barrister
Hungary Ügyvéd
Iceland lögmaður
India Advocate
Indonesia Advocate
Iran Attorney-at-Law
Iraq Lawyer
Jersey Solicitor of the Royal Court of Jersey/ Advocate
Kurdistan (Region of Iraq) Lawyer
Please see How to apply.
Isle of Man Manx Advocate
Israel Advocate
Italy Avvocato
Jamaica Attorney at Law
Japan Bengoshi
Jordan Lawyer
Kazakhstan Advocate
Kenya Advocate
Korean Republic Lawyer
Kuwait Lawyer
Kyrgyz Republic Advocate
Latvia Zvērināts advokāts
Lebanon Lawyer
Lichtenstein Rechtsanwalt
Lithuania Advokatas
Luxembourg Avocat
Macau Special Administrative Region Advogado
Malawi Legal Practitioner
Malaysia (West) Advocate Solicitor
Malta Avukat Prokuratur Legali
Mauritius Barrister/Advocate
Mexico Lawyer (Cedula Profesional)
Moldova Lawyer from the Republic of Moldova
Montenegro Advocate
Montserrat Attorney at Law
Applicants must be registered with the Casablanca Bar to be eligible to apply.
Namibia Legal practitioner
Nepal Adhivakta
Netherlands Advocaat
Notaris/Kandidaat Notaris
New Zealand Barrister/Solicitor
Nigeria Solicitor/Advocate
Northern Ireland
Please see How to apply.
Norway Advokat
Oman Lawyer
Pakistan Advocate Simplicitor/Advocate of the High Courts/Advocate of Supreme Court
Palestinian Territories Lawyer
Panama Abogado
Paraguay Abogado
Peru Abogado
Philippines Attorney/Counsellor at Law
Poland Adwokat Radca Prawny
Portugal Advogado
Puerto Rico Lawyer
Romania Avocat/Consilier Juridic
Russian Federation aдвокат (Advocate)
Rwanda Advocate
Saudi Arabia Lawyer
Scotland Solicitor/Advocate
Serbia Advocate
Sierra Leone Barrister & Solicitor of the High Court of Sierra Leone
Singapore Advocate/Solicitor
Slovakia Advokát
Slovenia Odvetnik
South Africa Advocate/Attorney
Spain Abogado/Advocat/Avogado/Abokatu/Procurador
Sri Lanka Attorney at law
Sudan Advocate/Lawyer
Sweden Advokat/Jurists holding the Juristexamen
Switzerland Avocat/Rechtsanwalt/Anwalt/Fürsprecher/Fürsprech/Avvocato/Advokat
Taiwan Attorney
Tajikistan Advokat
Tanzania Advocate
Thailand Litigator
Trinidad and Tobago Attorney at Law
Tunisia Avocat
Turkey Avukat
Uganda Advocate
Ukraine Advocate
United Arab Emirates (UAE) Lawyer
United States of America
Alabama (United States of America) Attorney
Arizona (United States of America) Attorney at Law
Arkansas (United States of America) Attorney at Law
California (United States of America) Lawyer
Colorado (United States of America) Attorney/Counsellor-at-law
Connecticut (United States of America) Attorney/Lawyer
Florida (United States of America) Attorney
Georgia (United States of America) Attorney
Hawaii (United States of America) Lawyer
Idaho (United States of America) Attorney
Illinois (United States of America) Attorney
Iowa (United States of America) Attorney and Counsellors
Kansas (United States of America) Attorney
Kentucky (United States of America) Attorney
Louisiana (United States of America) Attorney/Counsellor at Law
Maine (United States of America) Lawyer
Maryland (United States of America) Attorney
Massachusetts (United States of America) Attorney and Counsellor at Law
Michigan (United States of America) Attorney
Minnesota (United States of America) Attorney at Law
Mississippi (United States of America) Attorney
Missouri (United States of America) Attorney/Counsellor at Law
Montana (United States of America) Licensed Attorney
Nebraska (United States of America) Attorney
Nevada (United States of America) Attorney
New Hampshire (United States of America) Attorney
New Jersey (United States of America) Attorney at Law
New Mexico (United States of America) Attorney
New York State (United States of America) Attorney/Counsellor-at-Law
North Carolina (United States of America) Attorney
Ohio (United States of America) Attorney
Oklahoma (United States of America) Attorney at Law
Oregon (United States of America) Attorney at Law
Pennsylvania (United States of America) Attorney/Lawyer
South Carolina (United States of America) Attorney at Law
Tennessee (United States of America) Attorney
Texas (United States of America) Attorney
Utah (United States of America) Attorney
Virginia (United States of America) Attorney/Counsellor at Law
Washington DC (United States of America) Attorney
Washington state (United States of America) Attorney at Law
Wisconsin (United States of America) Attorney Lawyer
Applicants must be registered with the Uruguayan Bar Association.
Uzbekistan Advocate
Venezuela Abogado
Vietnam Lawyer
Zambia Legal Practitioner
Zimbabwe Legal Practitioner
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