Diversity in the profession

How diverse are law firms, 2015

How diverse are in-house lawyers, 2015

Workforce data for solicitors' firms, 2014

Our previous strategy and progress reports

EDI programme of work 2017-18

EDI strategy 2014 to 2017

Progress against our EDI strategy 2014 to 2017

Our previous action plans and progress reports

Action plan

Action Plan 2016/17

Action plan 2015/2016

Action plan 2014/15 (mid-year review)

Action plan 2014/15

Progress report

Progress report 2015/16

Progress report 2014/2015

External reports into diversity and disproportionality at the SRA

We commissioned a series of reports to look at why there is over representation of certain groups in our investigation and disciplinary work. The recommendations from the most recent report by Professor Gus John influenced our previous EDI strategy 2014 to 2017.

Reporting on the diversity breakdown of our regulatory decisions

We are reviewing our approach to diversity monitoring in the light of our modernising IT programme. The most recent diversity monitoring statistics are available by following the links below.

Diversity in the SRA

Read our staff diversity progress report, 2016

Read our staff diversity progress report, 2015

Read our staff diversity progress report, 2014

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