Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Action Plan 2016/17

Objective 1

Develop a more diverse workforce and promote an inclusive culture, equality of opportunity for all staff and the behaviours and capabilities required to regulate proportionately, fairly and free from bias.

No. Activity Executive Director Responsible Delivery Date


Take steps to attract a wide and diverse range of candidates when vacancies arise on the SRA Board and Committees to continue to make the SRA a more diverse organisation at all levels.

Executive Director, Strategic Planning and Performance

December 2015


Develop, deliver and evaluate the impact of a mandatory bespoke Inclusive Leadership / Working programme for the SRA Board, Committees and all SRA staff to improve knowledge and learning on what inclusive working / leadership means and to increase confidence and build key skills. This will include workshops and tools such as the Strength Deployment Inventory, to improve how we work together and to support staff to feel confident in raising any concerns and to understand their own responsibilities in the workplace.

Executive Director, Strategic Planning and Performance

May 2016


Identify the equality, diversity and inclusion training needs of staff in fulfilling their specific role within the SRA, and built this into the SRA technical training programme.

Executive Director, Operations and Quality

October 2016


Apply under Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index programme in 2016 and be rated within the Top 100.

Executive Director, Strategic Planning and Performance

January 2017


Explore other benchmarks e.g. for race or gender.

Executive Director, Strategic Planning and Performance

January 2016


Develop our corporate social responsibility (CSR) work to identify how we can make it more inclusive.

Executive Director, External Affairs

October 2016

Objective 2

Ensure that the way we operate, our rules and the decisions we make are proportionate, fair and free from bias and help firms and individuals understand and comply with our requirements.

No. Activity Delivery Date


Monitor the work of the SRA Board and the other SRA committees, to ensure that equality, diversity and inclusion is fully integrated into their business and decisions.

July 2017


Embed equality, diversity and inclusion into our programme of regulatory reform, to ensure our regulation is more targeted and proportionate.



Review our approach to diversity monitoring our regulatory work to ensure we are monitoring all key areas of our decision making to identify any disproportionality and set an appropriate timetable for publishing regular monitoring reports.

May 2017


Undertake a detailed investigation into at least two areas of decision making where we have identified disproportionality.

October 2017


Monitor reasonable adjustment requests to identify trends and ensure consistency, publish our new reasonable adjustments policy and roll out staff training.

January 2017 - ongoing


Review our interpretation and translation services to ensure we are inclusive and accessible and provide appropriate material in Welsh and other languages.

April 2017


Continue with our work to identify and support vulnerable stakeholders, including the next phase of our ‘Your Health Your career’ campaign.

March 2017


Develop a roadmap for mainstreaming EDI at the SRA

April 2017


Embed EDI in SRA Futures, our IT and business systems and IT transformation work

January 2017- ongoing


Review and update our transgender policy.

July 2017

Objective 3

To work with those we regulate to support them in achieving a more diverse and representative profession.

No. Activity Delivery date


Identify opportunities to promote diversity and social mobility through our training for tomorrow programme.



Review our approach to the collection, monitoring and publication of diversity data about the profession.

March 2017


Review compliance with the diversity data publication requirement on firms and identify ways to improve compliance and promote best practice through work with firms.

October 2017


Consider ways to identify the key barriers to diversity in relation to recruitment and career progression in law firms through research and engagement with the profession.

July 2017


Develop a strategy for promoting good practice in the profession in relation to recruitment and career progression.

September 2017


Continue to increase our engagement with law firms to promote diversity in the profession and develop a programme of engagement with the in-house sector.



Continue to grow the EDI virtual network ‘Diversity Matters’, and promote engagement and discussion within the group



Provide resources, case studies and guidance to support EDI in the context of the proposed new Handbook


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