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People Strategy Committee


Terms of reference


  • On behalf of the Board, to have oversight of the SRA's HR and people strategy. To advise the Board accordingly and provide assurance that this is robust and relevant to the needs of the organisation.
  • To advise the Chair on appointment, remuneration, performance and appraisal processes and contractual matters relating to Board Members, committee members, external advisory members and the Senior Management Team.


  • To review HR polices and to provide assurance to the Board that these are appropriate for the needs of the organisation and include appropriate strategies for leadership and management development, talent management and succession planning.
  • To review HR policies, the EDI Strategy and Action Plan, and progress against the plan, to ensure that the organisation promotes and develops a diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • To review reports on HR management information and the SRA's culture change programme.
  • To oversee the performance, appraisal and remuneration framework as it applies to the Chief Executive and senior management team, and advise the Chair on:
    • pay policy, terms and conditions and any incentive arrangements; and
    • any bonuses and incentive payments or non-contractual severance payments to be paid to the Chief Executive and senior managers reporting directly to him or her.
  • To review annually risks relating to succession planning for the Chief Executive and senior managers reporting directly to him or her.
  • To advise the Board on the contracts and remuneration of external advisory committee members.
  • To advise the Chair on recommendations he/she should make to Remuneration Committee on contracts and remuneration of Board members.
  • To advise and support the Chair on matters relating to the appointment, reappointment, appraisal and termination of Board and committee members, including:
    • reviewing policies and procedures,
    • at the Chair's request, advising on the application of the policies and procedures in relation to an individual board or committee member; and
    • advising on succession planning for the Board.
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