SRA Handbook: Why rules are the new freedom

Why are we changing the Handbook? Want to know more about the rules changes we are suggesting and why we are proposing them?

General Counsel, Juliet Oliver, discusses: 

  • how our code of conduct is changing - with a proposed code for solicitors and another for firms
  • the proposed content of these Codes
  • our new Principles - how they differ from the current ones and how these apply in practice to conduct matters
  • how we have stripped out a lot of the detail of the previous Code to empower you to develop the right systems and controls for your clients and type of practice.

Responsibility for meeting the requirements in the Handbook, and for operating effective systems and processes, lies with you. This webinar will give you a better understanding about the background to the proposed Handbook changes and how they could affect you.


Webinar recording

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