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No change to fees structure

Following the success of last year's significant changes to fees policy, the SRA proposes to maintain virtually the same structure for 2011/12.

The SRA Board heard that once acknowledged difficulties of communicating and finalising the definition of turnover had been overcome, there was a very low level of complaint during the last renewal process.

The changes saw a move from collecting virtually the whole cost of regulation from individuals to the cost being met by both individuals and firms. The practising certificate fee reduced significantly, making the structure much fairer to in-house solicitors.

Current indications are that the amount funded by regulatory fees will decrease although, as predicted, Compensation Fund contributions will rise - though they will remain relatively low by historical standards.

It is proposed that the individual practising fee will remain a flat fee, funding 40% of the overall requirement, with the firm fee providing the rest. The structure for firm fees will also remain virtually the same, based on banded turnover. It is planned that the Online Fee Calculator will be updated and ready for use during May.

When it comes to meeting Compensation Fund costs, there will be a 50/50 split between individuals and firms, both paying a fixed fee as last year. However, given the increase the Board are proposing a discount for very small firms.

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