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Quality Assurance Scheme for Advocates (QASA) revised implementation timetable


The Joint Advocacy Group (JAG) is now in a position to publish the revised timetable for the implementation of QASA.

When developing the timetable, JAG has had regard to the need to ensure that there is adequate time for communication with the profession on the detail of the Scheme and what will be expected of advocates who come within it. A programme of QASA communication events will be published in due course.

Prior to implementation, the elements of the Scheme that required further consideration in the light of responses to the fourth consultation will have been resolved and the Scheme approved by each regulator as well as the Legal Services Board (LSB). Details of the final Scheme submitted to the LSB will be made available on the QASA website.

The submission to the LSB will be made at the beginning of May 2013.

Implementation timetable

Phase Date Activity
17 June 2013 Scheme Handbook published
One 30 September 2013—7 March 2014 Registration period in the first area – Midlands and Western Circuits
Two 10 March 2014—13 June 2014 Registration period in the second area – South Eastern Circuit
Three 30 June 2014—3 October 2014 Registration period in the third area – North East, Northern and Wales and Chester Circuits

The Phase during which an advocate should seek accreditation will be determined by which is the principal circuit covering the region where they practise. Full details on the Scheme requirements will be included within the Scheme Handbook.