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SRA response to LSB assessment

The Legal Services Board (LSB) has published its latest assessment of our performance.

Responding to the assessment, Paul Philip, our Chief Executive, said: "We welcome this year's assessment which reports significant improvement in many areas and shows we are moving in the right direction. We regulate in the public interest, so I am particularly pleased to see the support for our work with consumers, our Question of Trust campaign on professional standards, and for our Looking to the Future reforms, which will benefit both the public and the profession.

"But we know there is more to do and we are not complacent. For example, we share the LSB frustration at the slow development of appropriate IT systems and continue to work with the Law Society to address this.

"Clearly there are areas where there is more to do, and, as the LSB acknowledges, we already have improvement programmes in place and look forward to continuing our progress at pace. Some recommendations, such as the adoption of the civil standard of proof by the SDT are, however, not in our gift, but we will continue to press for this important reform.

"The LSB also sets out its support for the Government proposals for separation of representation and regulation. I welcome their position and agree that public confidence, the need for further regulatory reform and much greater transparency about funding are fundamental to the discussion."

The LSB's assessment is available here:

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