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SRA response to the cost of legal services report

Paul Philip, our Chief Executive, has welcomed the Legal Services Board (LSB) research into the price of legal services.

The LSB report was published today and can be found here:

Go to the LSB research

Paul Philip said: “The LSB research is very welcome. It’s been shown time and again that cost is a key factor for the majority of consumers when it comes to choosing legal services. The LSB report shows the value of shopping around, and greater transparency in costs will help with that.

"We are committed to an open, competitive market, which can only be good for the public, the economy and the law firms themselves. Providing more information on prices will lead to increased competition, which in turn reduces costs and improves access to justice.

"We are keen to assist with putting more information into the public domain and, as part of that, we recently launched a law firm search service enabling the public to check which law firms are authorised by us. We plan to develop this service further, helping the public to understand the protections in place and to make well-informed choices about the firms they use."

Further information on the database can be found here:

Go to our press release on the database

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