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SRA responds to the LSB's vision for reform

The Solicitors Regulation (SRA) has welcomed the publication of the Legal Services Board's (LSB) vision for legislative reform.

Paul Philip, SRA Chief Executive said: "We welcome the publication of the LSB's paper."

"The report contains some useful thinking on the future regulatory landscape and we are pleased that the LSB have set out a strong case for regulation to be independent of both the government and professions. We are clear that making regulators independent – and accountable to parliament - will help build public trust and should also help speed up necessary reforms to make the sector more competitive.

"However, we should pause for thought when considering fundamental constitutional changes, such as regulating by activity or moving to one single regulator. Some consolidation across the regulators seems to be inevitable in the longer term, but we must avoid being distracted by rewriting the regulatory landscape to the extent that we blight much needed market reforms."

Read The LSB's paper, A vision for legislative reform of the regulatory framework for legal services in England and Wales

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