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SRA works with profession to identify key improvements for mySRA

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has identified priorities for improving its online application service, mySRA, after publishing a survey and conducting workshops around the country to get the profession’s feedback.

The Authority is now asking users to confirm it has identified the right key issues before it introduces the improvements in time for the next round of online PC renewals in the autumn. Problems encountered in 2011/12 during the launch of mySRA and the PC renewal process caused frustration and inconvenience to the profession and the SRA is committed to ensuring that the process runs as smoothly as possible next time around.

The main issues raised during the first part of the review have now been identified and the SRA wants to check these with the profession via a short online survey.

Antony Townsend, SRA Chief Executive, said: "We know there were difficulties with this year’s exercise, for which we apologise sincerely. No-one wants a repeat of this in the next renewals cycle, so we've gathered feedback to make sure that doesn't happen.

"We'd like to thank everyone who completed the on-line survey, or who attended the workshops, as the information gathered has been very useful. We're now asking for some further feedback to ensure that we've prioritised the main issues properly: we want to concentrate on the things which matter most to those we regulate.

"We'd appreciate it if you could take a little time to complete this further online survey. We will be providing regular updates on our progress in the months ahead."

The survey lists the areas of concern raised during the first round of the review and invites participants to rate them. There is also a section for any brief further comments.

The cut-off for completing the forms is 4pm on Tuesday 15 May.  

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