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SRA publishes new guidance about applying for authorisation

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has published new guidance about applying for authorisation as part of its work to streamline the process for both alternative business structures (ABSs) and recognised bodies.

The guidance includes information on preparing and submitting an application, fees, withdrawing applications and how to get further help and advice. The new advice applies to all firms, entities and sole practitioners seeking authorisation, as the SRA has now brought together the ABS and recognised body teams into a single firm authorisation department.

SRA Executive Director Samantha Barrass said: “We reviewed our processes after the first year of licensing and have now brought the individual authorisation teams together to ensure a more consistent approach to recognising all entities. We will also be fast-tracking lower risk applications.

"However, this will be dependent on applicants making it clear that their application falls into one of three specific categories and providing evidence to support this. These categories are explained in the guidance. I’m pleased to report that the pace of licensing continues to increase and we have now licensed 108 ABSs, which is good news for consumers of legal services.

"We will continue to give full and thorough consideration where more complex applications are involved and we make no apology for that."

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