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SRA makes changes to Qualified Lawyers Transfer Regulations

The SRA has responded positively to calls from Qualified Lawyers Transfer Regulations (QLTR) applicants, for whom time is running out to complete the mandatory work experience element of the scheme. QLTR predates the Qualified Lawyer Transfer Scheme (QLTS), which was introduced in 2010.

The QLTR closed to new applications on 31 August 2010 and those taking part have until 31 August 2013 to meet the SRA’s requirements. But many applicants have said they are having difficulties completing the 1—2 year period of work experience within the remaining timeframe and have sought an alternative means to complete the SRA’s requirements.

The SRA has explored how best to meet these concerns and has announced that it is permitting an assessment option. Applicants will now have the choice of completing their original work experience requirement or passing both the QLTS OSCE (Objective Structure Clinical Examination) and QLTS TLST (Technical Legal Skills Test) run by Kaplan QLTS. The assessments run every six months and are based in London.

Samantha Barrass, SRA Executive Director for Education and Training, said: “It became apparent that for some applicants, particularly senior lawyers, a work placement was simply not a feasible option as it took them away from their full-time employment. We listened to applicants’ concerns and are pleased to be able to offer the assessment option as a robust alternative approach to assessing the competence of these applicants.

"Whilst applicants will be required to pay a fee to take the assessments, for many it will be a more cost-effective and accessible route to admission than undertaking work experience."

The SRA will be writing to all individuals currently holding QLTR certificates of eligibility with outstanding work experience requirements.  

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