News release

Research projects to inform the work of the SRA

We have set out our research programme for 2016, and have put protecting the public interest at its heart.

We will also establish projects to build on our evidence base and further understand the impact of regulation on the public and profession.

Crispin Passmore, Executive Director for Policy, said: "We have set out an ambitious programme focused on exploring issues critical to the public interest and expanding and growing our evidence base, helping us to continue making informed decisions.

"As ever, we also want to look at the impact of our regulation and strive to find out ways to improve and refine what we do. Throughout the year we will continue our approach of engaging with the public and the profession and look forward to hearing a range of views on our proposals and work."

The programme includes research on:

  • The personal injury market;
  • Criminal practice;
  • Vulnerable consumers;
  • Value of the training contract and work-based learning; and
  • Diversity and career progression

It will also look at:

  • SRA Authorisation processes and risk management in firms;
  • Enforcement action and whether or not it is a credible deterrent; and
  • Reviews of prior regulatory changes.

Further information on the research programme, as presented to our Board meeting on 2 December, can be found here:

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