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Restoration to the roll of solicitors – important information

Individuals wishing to restore their name to the roll of solicitors can do so now.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has made available the necessary KR4 form on its website, and applicants can now download it to start the process. A completed form KR4 should be returned to the SRA, together with the £20 fee.

The form is available at

However, there are two processes, depending on whether an individual is currently employed in the provision of legal services or not and guidance notes on this are available on the page above.

The Solicitors' Keeping of the Roll Regulations form part of Edition 3 of the Handbook, which came into effect on 18 April 2012. The regulations do not apply if the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal has made an order prohibiting the restoration of the person's name to the roll without its express permission, or an individual has been struck off the roll.

A significant change from previous years is applicants will be screened, and required to complete the Suitability Test (which replaced the Character and Suitability Test in October 2011). Although it is called a ‘test', it is not a series of questions requiring individuals to answer exam-style, instead it is a clear and unambiguous set of criteria for assessing honesty, integrity and character.

John Withington, SRA Director of Authorisation, said: "The changes introduced by the SRA are designed to make the process more transparent and give the applicant the earliest opportunity to present the information required to make an appropriate decision. The basic standard remains the same - we expect those we regulate to have the highest moral and ethical standards, because of the responsibilities and trust placed upon them.

"It is entirely appropriate that the Suitability Test should apply to this category of practitioners.”

Advice on completing the Suitability Test is available.

The notification and fee payment system for the 2011 annual keeping of the roll exercise will be later than originally planned due to the late start of the PC renewals and recognition exercise.

A full update will be published as soon as dates are confirmed. Further assistance is available from the Contact Centre.

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