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SRA begins revocation process

The SRA has confirmed that it began the revocation process the week commencing Monday, 4 February, when it contacted individuals who had failed to complete the practising certificate renewals exercise.

As of today, 7 February, 11 per cent of expected applications have either been created and not finalised or not submitted at all - a similar figure to previous years. In January, the SRA made contact with firms and managers within firms warning them of its intention to revoke and this led to a flurry of activity.

The SRA has now taken steps to allow individuals who were part of their firm’s ‘bulk’ renewal application to access and submit their own individual application, should they wish to continue practising. Individuals who have decided they do not want to renew, nor do they wish to remain on the Roll, should:

The consequences of the SRA revoking the authorisation of a firm or an individual lawyer are very serious. In practical terms this means that a firm would need to close and an individual lawyer could no longer provide reserved legal services or, for example, be referred to as a ‘solicitor’. Providing legal services when not authorised to do so could constitute a criminal offence and may result in a law firm being intervened into with resulting consequences for their employees and clients.

Firms and individuals needing support to submit their application should contact the SRA by calling the

Alternatively, those wishing to seek advice can contact .

A question and answer sheet on the revocations process is available.

The number of bulk and individual practising certificate applications created as at Thursday 7 February was 29,009 out of an expected 32,611, which is based on last year's figures. 

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