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Minimum trainee salary – apprenticeships

Since publication of its consultation document on its role in setting the minimum salary for trainees, the SRA has been continuing with its due diligence activities. This has included a detailed examination of the legal framework which would apply if the current minimum salary requirements were removed.

Advice has been received that trainees would be classed as apprentices within the terms of the National Minimum Wage Regulations. The Regulations would apply a rate of £2.60 per hour for apprentices in their first year, and £6.08 per hour (the standard minimum wage) for subsequent years.

The Board is keen to canvass views on the potential impact of deregulation of the minimum salary, as well as on an option to retain a prescribed minimum salary which is set at the level of the standard national minimum wage for the whole period of a training contract. The SRA's concern, and that of all stakeholders, is to ensure that the profession continues to attract high-calibre, motivated students from a diverse range of backgrounds.

The consultation runs until April 10. Results of the consultation will be fed back to the SRA's Board when it meets in May.

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