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SRA to work with BMG Research on Work-Based Learning

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has appointed Birmingham-based company, BMG Research to carry out a final phase of evaluation on its Work-Based Learning Pilot (WBL).

BMG Research, based in Birmingham will carry out work from January until June 2012 and will build on work already carried out for SRA by the University of Middlesex. The research will focus on the experiences and outcomes of the part-time cohort at Nottingham Law School and an analysis of the combined route offered by University of Northumbria.

A further research strand will look at the outcomes and progress to date of the full time cohort following qualification earlier this year. The research will solicit the views of the cohort, their tutors and employers and employ a multi-pronged approach involving depth interviews, focus groups and a larger scale telephone survey.

Maxine Warr, Education & Training Policy Manager, said: "We're delighted to be working with BMG, who have proven experience with evaluating learning and skills programmes. The WBL pilot project has been an important study for us as we explore ways to assess competence at the Training Contract stage.

"We will seek to build on our previous evaluation study to gather a comprehensive evidence base for future policy in this area."

This work will complement the wider Legal Education and Training Review which is due to conclude in December 2012.

Further information on this Review can be found at The WBL Pilot began in September 2008 and is due to conclude in summer 2012.

Those looking for further information should visit the WBL pages of the SRA Website.