Trainee minimum salary levels for 2011-2014

Minimum salary

After taking into account the views of all stakeholders and a wide variety of evidence, the SRA Board agreed on 16 May 2012 that setting a minimum salary level for trainees above the national minimum wage main rate for employees was not in the public interest—but in order to minimise impact, the change will be introduced in two years' time.

The change will come into effect on 1 August 2014. Until that date, the current minimum and recommended rates of trainee salary remain the same—see our press release.

After that date the only requirement on employers in terms of trainee salaries will be to pay trainees at least the main rate for employees under the National Minimum Wage Regulations – currently £6.08 an hour.

There were 130 responses to the consultation, about 60 individuals in total attended nine focus group sessions across four cities, and over 1,300 individuals responded to the SRA's online survey.

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Trainee minimum salary levels for 2011-2014

Until 1 August 2014 we are stipulating two minimum salary levels—one for trainees working in Central London and another for trainees working elsewhere in England and Wales. Similarly, we specify two recommended salary levels. These figures are unchanged from those for the period 1 August 2010 to 31 July 2011.

The minimum and recommended trainee salary levels are as follows:

Central London

  • Minimum salary – £18,590
  • Recommended – £19,040

Elsewhere in England and Wales

  • Minimum salary – £16,650
  • Recommended – £16,940

For the position from 1 August 2014, see

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