Training for Tomorrow

A competence statement for solicitors

In April 2015 we published a Statement of Solicitor Competence which sets out what solicitors need to be able to do to perform their role effectively and which provides consumers of legal services with a clear indication of what they can expect from their solicitor.

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A new approach to qualification

We are reviewing our approach to qualification to align it to the Statement of Solicitor Competence, Statement of Legal Knowledge and Threshold Standard. Our proposals focus on assuring consistent and comparable high quality standards at the point of admission across the different ways of qualifying as solicitor.

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Continuing competence

Our role is to make sure that the solicitors and law firms we regulate are competent to deliver quality and ethical legal services. From November 2016, we introduced a new approach to making sure that the skills and knowledge of solicitors remains up to date so they can deliver a high quality service. We have a practical toolkit to help solicitors remain competent.

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A new regulatory framework

Our current regulatory framework prescribes the stages of qualification and the structures that training providers must have in place. We have made a number of changes to introduce more flexibility and still ensure high standards.

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