Arrangements for aspiring solicitors

By Liz Walters, Policy Associate, 18 December 2015

We know that any changes to our training regulations will have implications for aspiring solicitors already on their way to qualifying.

If introduced, the Solicitors Qualifying Exam and any other changes would not start before the 2018/2019 academic year.

We do not want to cause anxiety about what this might mean for students and trainees, so here is what it might mean for them:

  • Any training already completed will count in our new approach to qualification; no-one will have to repeat any training.
  • Anyone who has already started vocational training can continue on the existing route or transferring to the new approach.
  • If someone has completed the academic stage only, they will have to qualify under our new regulations.

You can find out more about our proposed transitional arrangements in Section 5 of the consultation document (paragraphs 94-100).

Let us know what you think by responding to Question 18 in the consultation document.