Autumn roadshows summary

Autumn roadshows summary

By Seemaab Naseem, SRA Policy Project Support Officer, 9 January 2014

Map of roadshows  

As part of Training for Tomorrow we want to engage with as many stakeholders as possible including solicitors, training providers, students and trainees to help us develop our policies.

We ran free, CPD-accredited, two-hour breakfast and early evening events (roadshows) across the country in November to raise awareness of what we are doing and why and to listen to stakeholder views on our policy proposals.

We visited London, Cardiff, Bristol, Manchester, Nottingham and Newcastle. The T4T blogs recount our experiences for each roadshow.

Attendance: 153 people attended, including practising lawyers, training providers and students and trainees.

Comments raised by delegates

Some of the key issues raised, as illustrated by the map above, are as follows:

  • Newcastle - "The profession and the academic community need to engage more with each other and with the SRA."
  • Nottingham - "There is a link between solicitor competence and the reduction of risk."
  • London - "The qualification framework needs to be more flexible."
  • Bristol - "Developing a competence standard requires active dialogue between the SRA and the legal and training communities"
  • Cardiff - "Critical thinking, legal knowledge, interpersonal skills, ethics and business skills are essential to all solicitor roles."
  • Manchester - "How can we use flexible pathways to encourage a diverse profession?"

Other headline messages included:

  • Business knowledge was considered a key competence for solicitors.
  • Differing opinions on the strength of current CPD arrangements as a tool for ensuring the ongoing competence of solicitors.
  • Support for removing unnecessary regulations and bureaucracy.

Key feedback

Further roadshows were encouraged. Keep an eye on the T4T website for further events.

A roadshow recap webinar was held on 5th December. This included some poll questions.



We have also met with other stakeholders individually. Resources permitting, we are happy to meet with other representative groups, firms and training providers in 2014.

We hope this will remain an on-going dialogue and that you will respond to our consultations.

Why not get involved and contribute to the ongoing discussion:

Webinar - Training for Tomorrow Roadshow recap

"Training for Tomorrow" is the SRA's policy document published in mid-October 2013 in response to the Legal Education and Training Review report. It outlines proposals for reforming the current legal and education training system.

This webinar, held on 5 December 2013, recaps the roadshows we held around England and Wales in November, introducing Training for Tomorrow and inviting input from a range of stakeholders.

Watch the webinar