Discussion healthy at Manchester Roadshows

By Seemaab Naseem, SRA Policy Project Support Officer, 28 November 2013

The Manchester Roadshows this week set out to encourage people's input when discussing our plans and to increase understanding in the legal and educational communities of what we are doing and why.

Healthy discussions developed, and continued even after the session had finished! There was also consensus in the group for future Roadshows.

Interesting group discussions included

  • CPD (especially the hours component and how people generally cram their hours at the end of the year),
  • the knowledge, skills and attributes a solicitor needs (similar to other Roadshows, the need for business skills was recognised as an important element),
  • the removal of unnecessary regulation,
  • ways to encourage diversity – how different pathways may or may not help to support diversity (e.g. apprenticeship), and
  • paralegals – how are they to be regulated and by whom.
Discussions continue after the session

Discussions continue after the session

What views do you have on this? Should the hours requirement for CPD remain or be removed completely? How can the system be improved? What skills, knowledge and attributes must a solicitor have?

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We would like to hear your views on the work being carried out as part of Training for Tomorrow. We hope this platform will be used to increase visibility of the views from a broad audience as possible (students, practitioners and academics, among others).

Get in touch by posting your comments below, or tweet us using #srat4t.