No fog on the Tyne

By Tim Pearce, SRA Policy Executive, 21 November 2013

The Newcastle SRA Roadshow at Northumbria University on 19 November was attended by a good mix of practitioners, students, trainees and academics, as well as Steven Vaughan, SRA Education and Training Committee, who was able to advise on many of the strategic issues raised.

There was a thought-provoking debate on the list of key skills identified by participants at our Cardiff T4T roadshows, and on the role of today's solicitors as specialists and as "general practitioners".

There was also a discussion of outcomes-focused regulation and the "bonfire of the regulations", and a debate on CPD in which many participants felt that the current system fosters nominal compliance with the "16 hours" requirement rather than professional development and properly targeted learning.

Newcastle T4T Roadshow attendees

Newcastle T4T Roadshow attendees debate key solicitor skills.

A key theme that ran through all the topics discussed was a desire from both the profession and the education community to engage much more—not just with the SRA but with each other. What ways do you think we should be engaging with stakeholders?

I would like to thank everyone who attended, all of whom actively participated in such a clear-sighted and penetrating discussion. What do you think of the issues raised at the Newcastle T4T Roadshow? Let us know by posting your comments below, or tweet us using #srat4t.