Training for Tomorrow: ongoing momentum

Training for Tomorrow: ongoing momentum

By Graham Moore, Policy Executive, 27 October 2014

The tail end of 2014 is proving to be a busy period for Training for Tomorrow (T4T). In mid-October we published a Position Statement on CPD advising how you can move to the new approach to continuing competence from 1 April 2015. This is supported with a webinar which attracted almost 400 participants for the live webcast; in the week following the event, almost 600 more viewed the webinar on YouTube.

We were heartened to discover that more than 4 out of every 5 participants that took part in the live webinar broadcast had heard about our new approach to continuing competence beforehand. Just over one third intend to adopt the new approach to continuing competence from 1 April 2015, with less than one in 10 intending to wait until the new approach becomes mandatory on 1 November 2016. Almost half stated that they expect to make changes to their current learning and development approach. This isn't surprising given our expectation that solicitors should "plan and reflect" on their training and development needs and activities under the new approach - something not required under the current scheme. We'll publish a toolkit in spring 2015 that will help solicitors move to the new approach.

On 20 October we also published our much awaited Competence Statement consultation. For the first time, this articulates our expectations of what everyone awarded the qualification of solicitor should be able to do to an appropriate standard. Over the last year we have met with over 2,000 people when developing the Competence Statement - lawyers, learning and development experts, legal educators, recent consumers of legal services and other regulators. We believe that we have arrived at a document that succinctly captures the essence of what every competent solicitor needs to be able to do. What do you think? You have until 12 January 2015 to send us your views.

We've also reached the halfway point in our consultation on our third phase of Red Tape Initiatives - you still have until 17 November to submit a response.

Our T4T website has gone from strength to strength. Since it was set up nearly one year ago, almost 200,000 pages have been viewed in over 32,000 sessions. In an ongoing survey, just under four out of every five visitors have found our website either good or very good regarding its ease of use. And just under three out of every five visitors have found everything or almost everything they were looking for on the site. Do you think there is anything we could do better on our website? Let us know.

As we move into winter we will be out and about seeking your views on the Competence Statement.

We will also be publishing our response to the third phase of the Red Tape Initiative consultation before the end of the year.

So, as you can see we have a lot of activity planned before the new year. We'll keep you posted with further blogs in the coming months.

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