Twitter Hour

Twitter Hour

By Seemaab Naseem, SRA Policy Project Support Officer, 9 June 2014

We are holding an open twitter hour on 19 June, 1-2pm, to engage with anyone interested in knowing more about Training for Tomorrow. We will be answering any questions you have about Training for Tomorrow live.

Training for Tomorrow is a programme of reform to legal education and training to ensure that tomorrow's lawyers meet the standards expected of skilled legal professionals.


  • do you have any questions about Training for Tomorrow?
  • are you interested in the new competence standard for solicitors, our new approach to maintaining your competence in practice, or the qualification process?
  • are there any particular topics of interest to you?
  • If so, now is your opportunity to raise your points directly with us.
  • Anyone can participate - so whether you are a student, solicitor, academic or anyone interested in knowing more about Training for Tomorrow then don't forget to follow us on Twitter on 19 June 1-2pm and let us have your views, comments and queries, to which we will respond live.

We look forward to hearing from you!