Professions approved by the SRA for registered foreign lawyer (RFL) status

Updated August 2017

We have the power to approve foreign professions under Section 89 of the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990 and Schedule 14 paragraph 2(2) of the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990 for their members to be managers of recognised bodies regulated by the SRA.

We will consider whether other professions should be added to this list as and when requested to do so. The profession in question must fulfil four basic criteria:

  • the profession’s members must be subject to a system of regulation as a profession of lawyers;
  • members must be required to complete a specified training;
  • members must be bound by an ethical code, and
  • there must be disciplinary sanctions for breach of the ethical code which would extend to removal of the right to practise.

If you want to ask us to approve a new profession please contact us.

We set out below the list of professions listed that we have to date approved.

Jurisdiction Profession
l. United Kingdom
Northern Ireland solicitor barrister
Scotland solicitor / advocate
2. European Union
Austria Rechtsanwalt Notar
Belgium avocat/advocaat/Rechtsanwalt notaire/notaris/Notar
Bulgaria advokat
Croatia odvjetnik/odvjetnica
Cyprus dikegóros
Czech Republic advokát
Denmark advokat
Estonia aandeadvokaat
Finland asianajaja/advokat
France avocat notaire
Germany Rechtsanwalt Notar Steuerberater Patentanwalt1
Greece dikegóros simvolaiografos (notary)
Hungary ügyvéd
Iceland lögmaður
Ireland solicitor barrister
Italy avvocato notaio
Latvia zvērināts advokāts
Lichtenstein rechtsanwalt
Lithuania advokatas
Luxembourg avocat/Rechtsanwalt notaire
Malta avukat prokuratur legali notary
Netherlands advocaat notaris belastingadviseur2 octrooigemachtigde3
Poland adwokat radca prawny
Portugal advogado
Romania avocat
Slovakia advokát/advokátka
Slovenia odvetnik/odvetnica
Spain abogado/advocat/abokatu/avogado notario
Sweden advokat
  1. "Approved as a manager of an authorised body provided that: the individual practises only from an office in Germany; and the practice of the individual is not in breach of the requirements of any regulator applicable to the individual or the office from which he practises."
  2. Approved as a manager of an authorised body provided that: the individual practises only from an office in the Netherlands; and the practice of the individual is not in breach of the requirements of any regulator applicable to the individual or the office from which he practises.
  3. Ibid.
3. European Economic Area
Norway advokat
4. United States of America
All states attorney-at-law
District of Columbia attorney-at-law
5. Commonwealth
Anguilla solicitor barrister
Antigua and Barbuda solicitor barrister attorney-at-law
Australia :-
Australian Capital Territory barrister and/or solicitor
New South Wales solicitor barrister
Northern Territory legal practitioner/barrister and solicitor
Queensland solicitor barrister
South Australia barrister, attorney, solicitor and proctor
Tasmania solicitor barrister
Victoria barrister and solicitor
Western Australia barrister and solicitor
The Bahamas counsel and attorney
Bangladesh advocate
Barbados attorney-at-law
Belize attorney-at-law
Bermuda barrister and attorney
Botswana attorney advocate
British Virgin Islands solicitor barrister
Brunei Darussalam advocate and solicitor
Canada :-
Alberta barrister and solicitor
British Columbia barrister and solicitor
Manitoba barrister and solicitor
New Brunswick barrister and solicitor
Newfoundland solicitor barrister
Northwest Territories barrister and solicitor
Nova Scotia barrister
Ontario barrister and solicitor
Prince Edward Island barrister and solicitor
Quebec avocat notaire
Saskatchewan barrister and solicitor
Yukon barrister and solicitor
Cayman Islands attorney-at-law
Dominica solicitor barrister
Falkland Islands legal practitioner
The Gambia solicitor barrister
Ghana lawyer
Gibraltar solicitor barrister
Grenada solicitor barrister
Guernsey advocate
Guyana attorney-at-law
India advocate
Isle of Man advocate
Jamaica attorney-at-law
Jersey solicitor advocate
Kenya advocate
Kiribati lawyer
Lesotho attorney advocate
Malawi legal practitioner
Malaysia advocate and solicitor
Mauritius attorney barrister notary
Montserrat solicitor barrister
Namibia attorney
Nauru barrister and solicitor
New Zealand barrister and solicitor
Nigeria legal practitioner/barrister and solicitor
Pakistan advocate
Azad Kashmir advocate
Papua New Guinea lawyer
Saint Kitts and Nevis solicitor barrister
Saint Lucia solicitor barrister
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines solicitor barrister
Seychelles attorney barrister notary
Sierra Leone barrister and solicitor
Singapore advocate and solicitor
Solomon Islands legal practitioner
South Africa attorney advocate
Sri Lanka attorney-at-law
Swaziland attorney advocate
Tanzania advocate
Tonga law practitioner
Trinidad and Tobago attorney-at-law
Turks and Caicos Islands attorney
Uganda advocate
Vanuatu legal practitioner
Western Samoa barrister and/or solicitor
Zambia advocate/legal practitioner
6. Other
Algeria avocat
Belarus advakat
Brazil advogado
China (including Hong Kong) solicitor barrister
Colombia abogado
Democratic Republic of Congo avocat
Egypt avocat/mohamy
Indonesia advokat
Iran lawyer/attorney-at-law
Israel advocate
Japan bengoshi
Jordan advocate/mohamy
Lebanon avocat/mohamy
Morocco avocat
Panama abogado
Russia advokat
Sudan advocate
Switzerland Rechtsanwalt/Anwalt/Fürsprecher/ Fürsprech/avocat/avvocato/advokat
Thailand lawyer
Turkey avukat
Vietnam lawyer
Zimbabwe legal practitioner