Training contract

Last updated 28 August 2013

Proposal to change the regulations on training contracts

We are currently engaged in a public consultation regarding proposed amendments to the Training Regulations. The consultation includes a proposal directly affecting the issue of training contracts.

We advise prospective trainees to look out for updates and further information.

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What you need to know

We do not provide careers advice; however, when seeking a training contract place, you need to know that the number of employers able to offer contracts may be dictated by economic factors and can be significantly lower than the number of LPC graduates.

Summarising the key training requirements, this document briefs students and new trainees on what to expect during the training contract period.

Please note that we are no longer accepting student enrolment applications for those who are undertaking the 2012 LPC. However, if you require student enrolment for any other purpose, please supply a covering letter with your paper application detailing the reasons why you require student enrolment.

Training trainee solicitors

SRA requirements

Training trainee solicitors: the SRA requirements (PDF 26 pages, 166K) contains must-have information for training establishments and trainee solicitors and should be your first port of call when checking the training contract requirements.

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Training contract applications

Use our prescribed forms to apply to

  • register a training contract,
  • register the extension of a training contract,
  • recognise experience outside of a training contract,
  • register cancellation of a training contract,
  • become an authorised training establishment,
  • change your organisation's training principal.

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Professional Skills Course

The Professional Skills Course (PSC) is offered exclusively by course providers approved by the SRA. The SRA decides the content of the course. Consult the accredited Professional Skills Course providers.

All approved course providers have demonstrated to the SRA that they can provide courses in compliance with appropriate standards. The course content and the criteria for authorisation as an approved provider are detailed in an extract from the latest version of the SRA's Professional Skills Course Guidelines (PDF 74K).

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