About Law firm search

We are committed to improving access to information about the 10,000-plus law firms we regulate.

Our Law firm search allows anyone to check whether a legal services provider is regulated by us. At present, you can search for the regulated name of a law firm—not for its trading name(s). You can also search for a law firm by entering its SRA ID.

Law firm search is a step toward making our data openly and freely available. We are working hard to open up access to more regulatory information—studying how our data is used and planning the best ways to present it. Visit this page again for progress updates.

If you are looking for information about an individual solicitor visit the Solicitors Register.

To search for regulatory and disciplinary decisions we have published about individuals and firms we regulate, visit Check a solicitor's record.

For detailed information about alternative business structures (licensed bodies), see our Register of licensed bodies (ABS).

Help with searching

Searching by name

Enter the name of a law firm to find out if we regulate it.

Name search results include full and partial matches. For example, a search for Smith returns "Smith", "Smiths" and "Goldsmith".

You can search for a firm by its regulated name. At present, you cannot search for a firm by its trading name(s).

Searching by SRA ID

We give an SRA ID number of up to six digits to every firm we regulate.

Each firm we regulate must display its SRA ID number on its letterhead, website and emails.

ID search only returns full matches. For example, a search for 123 would not return a firm with the ID "123456".

Firm contact details

To view a firm's contact details, click on its name.


For a list of a firm's offices, click on the number displayed in the "Offices" column.