Warning: Emails claiming to be from the SRA

20 November 2020

A number of law firms have received emails and telephone calls claiming to be from the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

What is the scam?

There is more than one scam.

The first involves emails  being sent to law firms from an account pretending to be from the SRA. It asks them to fill out a compliance questionnaire.

The email has been sent to firms from the email addresses:


Update - 10 November 2020

Please be aware that the scammers may update this scam, and use further variations of a fake SRA email address or try to get you to click on another type of link.

Further emails have been sent from the following emails:


Update – 19 November 2020

We have now been told that firms have been contacted by telephone – where our Contact Centre number displays as the caller ID.

Some calls claim to ask about a traffic accident. Others might be different.

What should I do?

Firms should not click on the link or engage with the correspondent.

We have published information about receiving emails from us, which includes advice to help you ensure you receive genuine emails from the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and to identify emails which are not genuine.

If in any doubt about whether an email claiming to be from the SRA is genuine, we would encourage you to get in touch with us.

We would also encourage you to get in touch with us to alert us about any other bogus emails involving an account claiming to be the SRA. This will help us warn the profession - and public - about potential scams.