What we are trying to do

Help those we regulate understand how the Government’s plans for EU exit may impact on the regulation of EU lawyers practising in England and Wales

Who needs to know

Registered European lawyers (RELs), exempt European lawyers (EELs), EEA lawyers practising in the UK on a temporary basis, solicitors and law firms in England and Wales

What's going on

The UK exiting the EU is due to happen on 29 March 2019, and the Government is preparing for a number of scenarios. One option is that a deal will be done with the EU. Although negotiations are ongoing, the government's draft withdrawal agreement proposes a lengthy transition period (to 31 December 2020). This includes the mutual recognition of professional qualifications as well as plans for a mobility framework for UK and EU professionals.

However, the Government is also preparing for a 'no deal' scenario. This has included publishing a Technical Notice on the impact of 'no deal' on EEA lawyers practising in the UK, as well as a draft statutory instrument. So we have prepared information to help those we regulate understand the impact of this Technical Notice and draft statutory instrument, and their options should a ‘no deal’ scenario happen.

Want to know more

You can contact our Professional Ethics Helpline for further advice.

We will also use this page to provide further news and updates as we get them.

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