Solicitors Qualifying Examination

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What we are trying to do

Introduce a common assessment that all prospective solicitors would take before qualifying

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Who needs to know

Aspiring solicitors, law firms, and legal education and training institutions

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What's going on

The Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) could mean the solicitors of the future have:

  • consistently high standards and competencies
  • the skills needed to compete both domestically and in a global market
  • an enhanced reputation.

How might would-be solicitors qualify in the future?

  • Pass stages 1 and 2 of the Solicitors Qualifying Examination - the first focuses on legal knowledge and the second on practical legal skills.
  • Have a degree (in any subject) or equivalent qualification.
  • Pass the character and suitability requirements.
  • Have a substantial period of work experience.
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Get involved

Our consultation closed on 9 January. As part of this, we engaged with more than 6,800 people through events, meetings and digital activities.

We are now considering the feedback. Look out for our response later this year.

You can still get involved by joining our SQE virtual reference group.


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