Anti-money laundering

What are we trying to do

We want to ensure the legal services market does not assist in the laundering of the proceeds of crime

Who needs to know

Everyone working in a firm we authorise and regulate

What's going on

Money laundering is not a victimless crime - it helps fund terrorism and those involved in drug trafficking and people smuggling.

The credibility of law firms makes them an obvious target for criminals. The overwhelming majority of solicitors want to do the right thing. Yet that alone is not enough. Weak processes or undertrained staff can leave the door open for criminals.

We are working with the profession to keep money launderers out of solicitor firms. This involves giving advice on developing the right processes and policies, continuing to raise awareness of the threat of money laundering so that all staff know they have a part to play, and visiting firms to make sure everyone is doing what they should.

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