Bogus firms

What are we trying to do

Raise awareness of bogus law firms that attempt to defraud solicitors and their clients of money or to obtain sensitive information illegally

Who needs to know

Law firms, who need to protect their identities, and the public, who might be contacted by a bogus firm

What's going on

Fraudsters are using the identities of law firms, either real or invented, to convince members of the public to part with sensitive information, money, or both. By posing as solicitors, fraudsters can convince unsuspecting victims to trust them, which can have serious consequences. These bogus firms can go to elaborate lengths to appear genuine, either by taking the names of existing solicitors at existing firms, or creating authentic-looking websites that suggest their credentials are real.

While it is an offence to pretend to be a solicitor under the Solicitors Act, it is usually impossible for us to pursue a prosecution against such fraudsters, the majority of whom operate overseas.

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