What are we trying to do

Help those we regulate understand how the recent EU exit may impact on them. This includes the regulation of EU lawyers practising in England and Wales and UK lawyers practising in the EU.

Who needs to know

All those we regulate to make sure they remain compliant. This includes European lawyers working in the UK on a permanent or on a temporary basis, or UK solicitors working in the EU, or UK firms with offices in the EU.

What's going on

Updated guidance

We have today published updated guidance UK’s Exit from EU – the end of the implementation period and beyond. We will keep this guidance under regular review to reflect developments over the coming months.

Keeping information safe - ICO

The Information Commissioner's Office has produced guidance on preparing for and keeping information safe.  Its website contains information on the impacts and necessary preparations for exchanging data after the end of the implementation period, and an interactive tool has been developed to help you keep personal data safe.

Want to know more

You can contact our Professional Ethics Helpline for further advice.

We will also use this page to provide further news and updates as we get them.

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