Comparison websites and quality indicators

What are we trying to do

We are working with law firms and comparison websites to increase the information about the quality of legal service providers that is readily accessible to the public.

Who needs to know

Law firms and people who work for them. Also members of the public, who need the information to make decisions on legal service providers. And website operators who provide information about lawyers and law firms need to be involved too.

What's going on

Working with the Council for Licensed Conveyancers and CILEx Regulation, we are trialling approaches which we hope will lead to more information about the quality of legal services providers being readily available to the public.

Having access to such information will make it easier for consumers to compare different providers and make informed choices about which one is right for them.

Quality indicators pilot

We are running two pilot schemes, one focused on conveyancing and one focused on employment law.

These pilots will run for at least six months and bring law firms and comparison websites together to trial approaches which will help increase the availability of information about the quality of legal services for the public.

Initially focussing on customer reviews, the pilot aims to develop approaches which will:

  • Increase the amount of comparable information about the quality of legal services which is available online
  • Increase law firm engagement with customer reviews and comparison websites
  • Increase the number of consumers accessing online information, beginning with using and leaving online reviews.

Get involved

Law firms and website operators who are interested in joining either or both of the pilots can contact the Policy team.

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