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Abolishing the annual Keeping of the Roll exercise

We recently consulted on a proposal to end the annual Keeping of the Roll exercise, which required solicitors who do not hold a practising certificate to apply online to keep their name on the Roll of Solicitors. Most who responded to the consultation agreed that the exercise was a burden, did not add regulatory value and was not cost effective.

Annual fee and application

Going forward, the Keeping of the Roll exercise will only be conducted when we consider it necessary to verify our data; we will not conduct it annually. This means that you will no longer be required to pay a £20 fee and complete an application each year to confirm that you wish to stay on the roll.

When we decide that a Keeping of the Roll exercise is necessary, you will need to complete an application and pay a fee of £20, unless you are exempt from the fee.

Exemption from holding a PC due to employment

If you are exempt from holding a practising certificate (PC) due to your employment, perhaps because you work in a government department, you will no longer need to confirm your exempt status each year. If you change your employment and lose your exempt status, you must update your details through mySRA and apply to us for a PC.

Maintaining your profile on mySRA

You have an ongoing responsibility to keep your mySRA profile up-to-date. This will ensure that the information on the Roll of Solicitors remains accurate. It will also enable us to contact you when we decide it is necessary to carry out a general update of the Roll.

You can request that your name be removed from, or restored to, the Roll of Solicitors using mySRA. If you need help accessing or updating your mySRA account or have any queries, please contact us or download a user guide.

More information

Abolishing the Keeping of the Roll exercise is part of our commitment to removing unnecessary bureaucracy. You can learn more about our programme of regulatory reform at

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